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BurritoChoice of meat + salsa, black beans, brown rice, white cheddar + cilantro all rolled up in a flour tortilla.
BowlBed of romaine, black beans, brown rice, white cheddar, cilantro + chips. Topped with your choice of meat + salsa.
3 TacosSoft corn or flour tortillas. Choice of meat + salsa. Served with cabbage, white cheddar, cilantro + lime.
PosoleNew Mexico chile broth with hominy + black beans. Tortilla, meat + salsa of choice. Garnished with cilantro + radish.
NachosTortilla chips, white cheddar, black beans, choice of meat + salsa. Broiled then garnished with romaine + cilantro.
SaladMixed greens, fresh veggies, white cheddar, tomato, avocado, pepitas and tortilla chips. Served with a poblano vinaigrette.

2. Options


Traditionally seasoned + braised until tender. Shredded + finished with roasted anaheims.


Marinated + grilled. Naturally raised + vegetarian fed. Coleman Farms Golden, CO.


Shredded Certified Angus Beef, slow cooked in a chipotle adobo sauce, barbacoa style.


Lightly seasoned, broiled catfish. Responsibly + sustainably farm raised in the US.


Red + yellow bell pepper, white onion, zucchini, poblano chile + garlic. Seasoned + sautéed.

3. Salsas


Roasted habaneros, garlic, oregano + peaches.


Toasted De Arbol chiles, tomatoes + roasted garlic.


Tomato, anaheims, jalapenos, serranos, onion + cilantro.


Tomatillos, grilled leeks , garlic, onion + poblanos.

4. Extras



Greek Yogurt


Sour Cream






Chips & Salsa$4.50

Chips & Guac$6.50

Beans & Rice$3.50


Fried Jalapeno$0.75



Chile chocolate cake, layered with pistachio cheesecake. Topped with chocolate ganache + pistachios.

Real Food

This is where we tell you all about what we do; adjectives and buzzwords. I am not very good at writing that kind of thing, so I'll just write the prep list for today. After all, it is what we do, every day.

cook pork, marinate beef, cook beans, soak beans, shred pork, marinate chicken, poblanos + garlic, bake cake, toast de arbol chiles, roast garlic, make posole, dice anaheims, roast poblanos, cut limes, shred cheese, julienne veggies, cabbage and cilantro, medium salsa, tomatillo salsa, prep xx salsa, chop romaine, enjoy the day.

Simple right? Just make honest food for good people.
Love, Rodeo


Wonderful food. They focus on doing a few basic items extremely well using high-quality ingredients. I have seen cooks roasting peppers outside in both rain and snow, so you know these guys take their food seriously.
Shaughn Kern
Three pork tacos (flour), hot salsa, and a side of guacamole. Try it! You'll love it!
Chad Arney
I think I might just come there with a bucket and have you fill it with the guacamole. It is SOOO good, I can never get enough!!
Ariel Samira


Tuesday-Sunday 11am- 9pm
200 Pearl Street #7 Houghton, Michigan 49931